Greg’s Bio


Greg Smith

I grew up in Austin, Texas in the mid 60’s and listened to musicians like Ray Price, George Jones, the 13th Floor Elevators, and Rusty Weir’s Lavender Hill Expresss. My Uncle Loyed wanted me to play steel guitar so he took me to see Slim Whitman, many times, when Slim played Austin’s Dessau Hall in the 1950’s. My parents (Smitty & Lucille) were huge country music fans and we traveled often to the Louisiana Hayride in the early 50’s where a guy named Elvis Presley was just one of the acts. My friend, Charlie Higgasson, taught me how to play guitar during our lunch hours at Southwestern Bell. We formed a band in 1973 called High Country. In 1985 I made a switch to bass guitar which allowed me to play with many other bands. I met Jerry Crees and Jim Rice through a mutual friend and as musicians will do, we started the Lucky Dogs and what fun it has been.

I have enjoyed playing around central Texas including most of the VFWs, SPJST Halls, American Legions, Moose and Elks clubs, also the Broken Spoke, Club 21, Big Gil’s, (when Big Gil was still there and had to approve all and any “sit in’s).